"Dawn:" The Life-Poem of Kelsi Doxey

To me, Kelsi's personality personifies light, which makes it appropriate she decided to write a poem about light itself. In order to understand the full weight of the words she wears here, it is important to look at the context of the person beneath them.

Kelsi is known to be inclusive, kind, patient, and accepting of others. There are few people who are as widely loved as she is. Somehow, she makes lifelong friends with random people she sits by on planes and makes sure to stay in touch with them. She makes every person she comes in contact with feel special and she has personally helped me through some very dark times.

What a lot of people don't know about her, is that she has dealt with crippling perfectionism and an eating disorder. She deals with OCD and an enormous amount of anxiety on a daily basis. For the last 9 months, she has been dealing with postpartum depression following the delivery of her first child, all while struggling with other major health issues.

Through it all, Kelsi has managed to find a hopeful perspective on life. She has had bitterly low moments of self-deprecation, but has fought the good fight resulting in this:

Credited to David Doxey


Light fades away from here, but then, there is dawn. Seas crash and waves sphere, but then, there is dawn. Embers burn and ashes float, Trees spark thin and split the vote, Heavy grays of days a'wrote, and yet, there is dawn.

By Kelsi Devashrayee Doxey

Photos credited to: Gallery Photography, Chanelle Morgan, Kelsi Doxey, David Doxey.

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